Introducing… Kenny’s Place

Introducing… Kenny’s Place

‘Introducing Kenny’s Place

James Miles business’ have been a staple in the Grande Cache community for as long as many can remember. Since 2007 James and his staff have been creating places for families and friends to enjoy.  Everything from cozying up in Noelle’s Place with your coffee, enjoying the interactive experience of the Polar Express, or grabbing your meals during swim meets and hockey tournaments from the rec center Canteen. There is so much to enjoy at Kenny’s Place. To continue to grow and enhance their the experience they provide, Kenny’s Place underwent renovations during some down time during the Covid-19 pandemic and many now say it has the same warmth and comfort we all loved from Noelle’s place. Kenny’s Place is a place where friends can meet!

A fun fact is that Kenny’s Place was one of the first businesses to be connected to Northern Lights Fiber’s High-Speed Fiber Internet during our Beta testing in November 2020. From that point on Kenny’s Place has offered Free Wi-Fi to their customers making this spot the perfect choice for a work lunch, enjoying a coffee while checking your emails or a youth hangout to visit with friends while updating tiktok.

“The introduction to fibre in our community has added such a relief for our team. Not to mention how it allows our community to bring in more business and industry. THANK YOU for investing in our community.”

-James Miles, Owner of Kenny’s Place

Serving their Community

On October 2nd 2021 Northern Lights Fiber hosted a Free pancake breakfast as a way to thank the Grande Cache Community for all their support. Kenny’s Place was a perfect location for this event. Due to the constant changes of our current pandemic this event was hosted as pickup only. Community Ambassador Danielle, her helpers, Nickolas, Tara, and Aleah served over 130 meals to the community with the help of James and the staff of Kenny’s Place. The entire event was sponsored by Northern Lights Fiber and their suppliers PCI, Calix and Channell. Go check out Kenny’s Place and enjoy blazing fast, free WiFi while youre there!