New Seniors Discount Package

New Seniors Discount Package

Our New Seniors Plan

Recently we’ve taken some extra time to consider how we can foster better connections in your community. Covid has caused so much change and has asked for even more sacrifice, especially for seniors living in remote communities. To help Grande Cache’s seniors reconnect with their friends, family and their community we decided to completely redesign our Seniors discount program. This new program makes high speed internet more affordable, more accessible and even easier for you, the customer, to take advantage of high speed internet in Grande Cache.

Unlike other seniors discount packages, we want to allow you to pick what speed you want most – we will apply our discounting to any plan you like!

Seniors discount package includes:

  • $15 per month in discounting on any plan you choose
  • Protect IQ, anti virus protection
  • Free installation of your services
  • Free setup and walkthrough of your newly installed internet by one our skilled technicians

Call 1-888-236-2947 to sign up for this bundle today!

Customer Service Available Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm

Promotion available for a limited time
Available for customers aged 65+

Questions on Your Bill? Find Answers Here!

Questions on Your Bill? Find Answers Here!

Getting blazing fast internet is awesome and you’re sure to enjoy every single aspect of it, but there are often questions regarding the billing of services, how it works and where you pay. This article will address and answer the most common questions we receive regarding your billing. 

How will my first bill look and what are the charges for?  

On your first bill you will see a charge for your modem and a charge for installation, immediately below each of these charges you will see a credit for the equal amount. It is important to note that if you did not sign-up for our pre-installation promotion before September 1st then you may not see an installation credit. 

All billing is conducted on the first of every month, no matter when you sign up for service and receive installation. We will prorate your bill to account for these fluctuations is usage before your first official bill. What this means is your first monthly bill will include a charge for the days between your installation and when you receive for bill. For example, if your service is installed on the 15th of the month, you next bill will include 15 days of service on top of your first monthly charges to cover that time – It is completely normal to see a slightly higher number on your first bill as It reflects this period of usage. 

How do I set up my billing? 

Below you’ll find important Information about navigating the basic functions of our customer portal as well as the step-by-step process for adding your preferred payment method. You can choose a direct withdrawal from your bank account, or you can make payments via credit card, autopay is optional and recommended to maintain consistent payments when paying by credit card. 

If you have any further questions or require a customer service representative to assist you with your bill, please call    587-332-6880