Our Community Ambassadors

Just over a year ago, we began a program to introduce a more local presence to our communities by hiring local ambassadors who could represent the company. These ambassadors needed to be a friendly face around town, going door to door and acting as our boots on the ground. Most of all, they needed to have a passion for helping customers solve their problems and serving their community.

This effort was a direct result of our desire to ensure that our presence in each and every community would be more than just a business transaction, where we connect you and disappear – Northern Lights Fiber needs to continue to mean more for our customers.

Enter Danielle

When we found Danielle, we knew it was a perfect fit. Passionate, driven and committed to being an active community member of Grande Cache. It is no surprise then that when she started with Northern Lights Fiber she hit the ground running. Through hard work, lots of door knocking, late night customer calls, event planning and tens of thousands of steps, Danielle helped our company reach and connect so much of Grande Cache. Even more impressive, this was achieved while still fulfilling her families needs as a wife and mother of a busy home.

Join Us In Congratulations!

Just over a year later, with hundreds more homes connected and several new communities launched, we are so happy to announce that Danielle has been promoted to our Community Manager. She will now oversee our various other communities and ensure that they enjoy the same level of engagement, customer support and have an incredible experience with their internet. When you see Danielle around town, make sure you say congratulations and thank her for her continued hard work in the community and now in so many others!


As always, if you have questions for us or would like to connect with our team and discuss services, please call 1-888-236-2947