A Quick History: Coffee House Grande Cache

In every small community, visiting the local businesses and shops become a major part of your day-to-day schedule, they feel like home. One business in Grande Cache that is a part of many of our daily routine’s is the Local Grande Cache Coffee House located inside the mall.

Shannon Hill was offered the opportunity to take over the Coffee House in November of 2019, from the previous owners as they were closing the shop. This was a no brainer for her as the coffee house never felt like a job, but a great way to see friends and her regular customers daily. In December 2019 Shannon and Raymond took ownership – it wasn’t the best timing with a global pandemic a month away, but they’ve been lucky to have such a devoted community around them!

The Coffee House has the best location, and a loyal customer base. They strive to provide excellent customer service as well as quick and delicious food options. As a result of their success, they have been able to support almost every cause Grande Cache has asked of them.

Just like the locals of Grande Cache our team at Canadian Fiber Optics made the Coffee House a part of their daily routines whenever in town working. Shannon and her staff are a daily welcoming face for a warm coffee or a spot to catch up on emails. The Coffee House has always offered their customers free WIFI, but as soon as Northern Lights Fiber was available in the mall, Shannon made the quick decision to switch to a new faster internet service for her business and customers.

Shannon Hill says “Having Northern Lights Fiber has been nothing short of amazing. Our customers love it… I absolutely love the customer service aspect of Northern Lights. Anytime you have an issue or question local rep Danielle responds immediately and her team gets to the issue…”

Engaging More With Your Community!

On Nov.8th 2021 Northern Lights Fiber wanted to say thank you to the community of Grande Cache for their continued support. The Coffee House was the perfect location for this event! Our Community Ambassador spent her morning in the Coffee House with Shannon and offered the regulars as well, as many new faces, free coffees from Northern Lights Fiber. The coffee lids all had a QR code to share information with our customers about our Northern WiFi App.

Northern Lights Fiber is a local company and we love having the opportunity to give back to our communities. The Grande Cache Coffee House does the same for the community of Grande Cache. The event was a great success, thank you to the ongoing support of our customers, both residential and business!

Visit Our Communities webpage for more information on where we’re building and why we love engaging with our communities so much. If you have questions or need to speak with one of our team email us at Info@CanadianFIberOptics.ca or send us a direct message at our Facebook Page.