Why We’re Building Aerial Fiber

Our mission is to provide the community of Grande Cache with world-class fiber infrastructure. Fiber internet opens Grande Cache’s doors to new businesses and will allow you to enjoy seamless work from home experiences. While others continue to build wireless infrastructure, we believe that it’s a necessity for every community to benefit from fiber – to have the means to connect in meaningful ways and to grow economically. We believe in the economic potential of Grande Cache. What we don’t believe in is making you, the residents of Grande Cache, pay for this vital infrastructure. That is why we are committed to building your network through private investment, without the use of public dollars.

Building aerial fiber was the only option due to the high cost and physical constraints of in-ground conditions in Grande Cache. We’ve had to be very diligent with making the best decision for your community. Both in where and how we build fiber infrastructure, financially and logistically. That’s why we have formulated our construction plan over the course of three open houses with your community to determine how best to serve Grande Cache.

We are still committed to building buried lines wherever possible, like road crossings and a few areas of the community that we know are more feasible. We want to stress that the decision to build with aerial lines and poles is in no way intended to negatively affect your home’s value or your scenic views, in fact studies show that the addition of fiber infrastructure will significantly benefit the value of homes in rural communities!

The significant upside to building aerial infrastructure is how fast we are able to complete construction in each area of Grande Cache. Utilizing poles makes it much easier to connect your community in a significantly shorter period, which means you get amazing internet that much faster. Because of these benefits we have already begun final installation and connection of a few of your community members homes and we’re making great progress towards connecting all of Grande Cache, something that is sorely overdue!

We’re so excited to be investing in your community and growing alongside you. We want to highlight to Canada that Grande Cache holds an important place in the modern economy and is a community worth investing in.